Central Bank of Nigeria Foreign Exchange Market

Nigeria’s case study in how not to float your currency

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Today, the official interbank market closed at 306 naira to $1. But over at Abokifx, the same US dollar sells for 473 naira on the black market-a spread of 55%, enough to tempt even the purest of souls into a game of 'round-tripping'.
The moment the naira was 'floated' on June 20 this year, the authorities then found themselves in a position of not wanting the exchange rate to depreciate past a certain point to avoid the knock-on effect of higher petrol prices.
This meant that the only way to stop the naira floating away beyond reach was to employ the old tricks of hobbling the markets, fixing rates with a mixture of persuasion and mostly threats and generally wrapping the whole thing in a thicket of rules.
On the day the naira was floated in June, the Central Bank of Nigeria intervened in the markets to clear the huge backlog of unmet demand with a mixture of spot rates and forward contracts to be filled up to one year later.
In the absence of the CBN from the interbank market, the money from the oil majors probably made up between 50%-60% of the supply of forex to the market.
Not so fast said the CBN-the oil majors were also instructed that after selling their dollars to petrol marketers, any leftover had to be sold to the CBN. The reason for this directive remains unclear especially as the CBN is no longer intervening in the forex markets.
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Nigeria: Central Bank to sell $100 million to improve dollar liquidity

The Central Bank of Nigeria says it's lifted the ban placed on nine commercial banks. The ban prevented the lenders from accessing forex through the official interbank forex market. Interbank Market Analysis:Understanding Inter-market analysis The best FX trading strategies out there aren't some magic indicator, some weird hack, or quick little tip. Stop looking for those, you're going to lose. Ins... The Naira lurched to an all-time low of 350 to the dollar in a single interbank market trade of 100,000 US dollars. A total of 3.1 million dollars had been traded by 1230 GMT. The currency has ... video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free, upload Based on the Forex intervention by the CBN, about $1.35 billion had been released into the interbank Forex market within the last three weeks. During the first intervention in the foreign exchange ... Nigeria's central bank plans to sell $100 million at a special wholesale spot and forwards auction. The regulator is taking this step to further intervene to improve dollar liquidity in the ...